59 Perlen is the solo music project from Matthias Rosenkranz. He was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Switzerland.

Since he started releasing tracks in 2019, he released 6 Singles. Each of them pushed his sound forward into a more and more dance- focussed direction. Influenced by tech producers like Martin Roth, Jerome Isma-Ae or Jeremy Orlander, 59 Perlen describes himself as an "Electronic Soundscape Producer", which is aimed to combine his favorite music flavors: Energetic, danceable and progressive electronic music, combined with ambient soundscapes that let you dive into his very own and intimate world.

In early 2020, 59 Perlen shifted his focus towards Dawless producing, mainly with Elektron gear. First result has been his first one-hour liveset "Explorations" (March 2020), the album "Dawless" (Mai 2020) and  his latest EP "Blackbox Sessions" (Sep 2020). 

In October 2020, 59 Perlen releases his brandnew dawless-based EP "Lunation 1209". 


His music podcast „The Life of Music“, co-hosted by Canadian producer Twilight Music Sculpture, airs once a month to support indie music artists across House and its Subgenres.

„Really intense, I think it’s the best track we played so far on this podcast“
Wyatt Schmidt, DJ and Podcaster

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