59 Perlen Bio

German producer 59 Perlen aka Matthias Rosenkranz was born in 1975. He developed his passion for electronic music when he was 12 years old Gifted with a Commodore 64 computer and discovered his love for sound creation with the enormous sound capacities of that machine. These early roots still influence his work nowadays.

Since he started releasing tracks in 2019, he released 6 Singles. Each of them pushed his sound forward into a more and more dance-focussed direction. Influenced by tech producers like Martin Roth, Jerome Isma-Ae or Jeremy Orlander, 59 Perlen describes himself as an “Electronic Soundscape Producer”, which is aimed to combine his favorite music flavors: Energetic, danceable and progressive electronic music, combined with ambient soundscapes that let you dive into his very own and intimate world.

Beside producing tracks, 59 Perlen is preparing for a number of live events in late 2020 to play deep house and electronic performances. His music podcast „The Life of Music“ airs once a month to support indie music artists across genres, co-hosted by Twilight Music Sculpture.