59 Perlen

Producer 59 Perlen aka Matthias Rosenkranz was born in 1975. He grew up in a cozy, sheltered but boring childhood, somewhere in the deepest countryside in the middle of Germany. His small, boring life changed drastically when he was gifted a personal computer, the C64, with sensational sound capacities of 3 simultaneous voices. This was the point when 59 Perlen discovered his passion for electronic music and his desire to produce it himself, and these roots still influence his work nowadays. 

In the following years, he created countless and never-released tracks with different DAWs and Trackers. Later, iOS grew up and he shifted the focus of his work more and more towards entire mobile productions. But only in late 2018, he realized  the limitations that came along with this way of production. As a result, he decided to start building up his own music studio, take his production on a more professional level and officially start releasing tracks.

In the following 12 months, 59 Perlen released 5 singles. Each of them pushed his sound forward into a more and more dance-focussed direction. Influenced by tech producers like Martin Roth, Jerome Isma-Ae or Jeremy Orlander, 59 Perlen describes himself as an „Electronic Soundscape Producer“, which is aimed to combine his favorite music flavors: Energetic, danceable and progressive electronic music, combined with ambient soundscapes that let you dive into his very own and intimate world. 

His journey continues to get stronger in 2020 with his latest release „Holding On“ which will drop on Feb 14, 2020. The track marks the next step in his development, featuring high energy lead vocals and atmospheric soundscapes recorded at airports around the globe. 59 Perlen will also continue to connect other indie music producers with his very personal music podcast „59 Perlen &“, a monthly live broadcast focussed on electronic indie musicians. He also prepares for an electronic live performance: the „Atlas & Friends Party“ will happen on Oct. 2nd, 2020 in Copenhagen, and a track for the indie music collaborative „Netvio“ is due for release in March 2020.