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  • How can I make a booking?
    Choose a plan that matches your needs. Each of the plans contains a number of included coaching appointments. After your payment was done, you book each of the included coaching appointments using the booking checkout. You can choose between available time slots that are usually offered between 6-9pm CET. If you are living in other timezones or you wish to take the lession another day, please send me a short message using the chat box at the bottom of the screen before you book. ​ After the booking is confirmed, I will contact you to clearify the technical setup and your goals either by mail or a short video call. ​
  • How long is a session?
    One session is equal to 60 minutes.
  • What languages to you speak?
    The session will be in English or German language.
  • Where do you teach?
    The session itself will be on Zoom, a video conferencing tool. The meeting link will be provided with a confirmation mail after each session booking.
  • What do I need` for the coaching?
    You will need the Elektron Digitakt or the Elektron Model:Samples Groovebox, best in a small setup connected to speakers, and a computer with Internet connection, webcam and headset for attending the video conference.
  • What can I learn?
    The content of the session is completely up to you! It can be a general introduction to the Digitakt, or the basic setup, sound design, sampling, arrangement, using Overbridge, or live performance tricks. It all depends on your needs and level of skills, and we will clearify the session structure beforehand. I also teach general topics related to making music, such as buying advice, finding a style, audio editing, or branding - since I have extensive knowledge in the graphic area, I can also help you here.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    All bookings and payments should be completed at least 24 hours in advance. If you purchase a Package, you must still reserve your included slots 24 hours in advance with my free booking app or by logging in to your website profile. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to class for reasons unrelated to COVID-19 or emergency are not eligible for refunds or rescheduling. Purchases are non-transferable and all sales are final.
  • What does it cost?
    The prices are shown on the plans page.
  • Can I get a discount?
    The plans with more than 4 months include a discount that's shown on the plans page.
  • What do I get?
    Each plan includes Satisfaction warranty Recording of the session on request Access via zoom Professional Trainer Support Forum Membership of "Digitakt Online Class" Check the plan page for all details.
  • What gear do you teach?
    I'm a specialist in Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Digitone, Squarp Pyramid, Polyend Tracker, Song Arrangments and Dreadbox Typhon, but sessions are not bounded to special gear. I also teach general topics related to making music, such as buying advice, finding a style, audio editing, or branding - since I have extensive knowledge in the graphic area, I can also help you here. Book your free 30 min session and we will find out if I can help you.
  • Can I download the lessons?
    You can either download or stream the videos. You can find the download links on the course pages after you logged in to the website.
  • What are the requirements?
    You need an online connection to stream the lessons and a modern browser.
  • How can I get support?
    The class comes wth a dedicated supportforum with access for the paid period.
  • Where do I find the videos?
    You can watch and download the videos on the website after you logged in. You can either download or watch individual purchased videos, or sign up to a package to get access to the entire course. Direct links (make sure you're logged in to get access to the full videos): Digitakt Video Course Polyend Tracker Course
  • Does the video courses include individual 1:1 Coaching sessions?
    At the moment, the video courses don't include 1:1 Coaching sessions. However, you can book a free 30 min session if you want to go deeper into music production! Book it here.
  • Are you video courses a subscription?
    You pay for a membership of 12 months upfront. During this time, you get access to all video content, updates, additional videos and support. After 1 year, the membership ends automatically. If you want to extend your membership you have to purchase another year.
  • How often do you add additional videos and when?
    New lessons will be added every 2nd month, starting beginning of May 2021.
  • Where can I download the free Sample Packs?
    Download links will be shared in the Support Forums. You need to login to see the package exclusive boards and resources.
  • What If I'm not happy?
    I am pretty sure that you will get better tracks with my courses. If you are still not satisfied, you will get your money back (doesn't apply for individual purchased or rented videos).
  • Can I meet you first before I spend money?
    I firmly believe that when students and teachers trust each other, the outcome of a session improves. That's why you can schedule a 30-minute free call with me before your booking.
  • I have other questions or individual requests
    Please use the chat button on the bottom of the Website to start a conversation, best before you make a booking, or simply send me a message.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card (via Wix Payments).
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