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with Atlas Castle, EP, 2021


About the EP

We all have moments of artistic troubles. You work hard on what’s supposed to be a high note in your musical journey and career and then randomness of life is here to remind you that things are not always gonna work the way you want them to.

That's literally what happened to 59 Perlen (Zurich, Switzerland) and Atlas Castle (Copenhagen, Denmark). Our artists were supposed to both headline the first edition of “SONIC PLAYGROUND” Festival in Copenhagen, Dk.

While sharing the stage with international guests from Germany, France and Denmark they planned on developing a commun live set based on the Elektron Digitakt device. #Dawless was the commun word and concept.

They developed an Electronic, Progressive, Ambient & House set and decided to use the live recordings to put together a collaborative EP as a tour de force and celebration of this first Event... This is where randomness of life kicked in.

This event originally planned on October 3rd 2020 sadly never occured due to the global pandemic. But both artists did not want to be kept away from the virus and decided to make the event experienceable in a different way.

“Garagen EP” is a collaborative, electronic adventure & instrumental live set from two solo artists who had to kick each other awake and hold on to a project they cherished and worked hard on.

I, II, III & IV are four tracks crafted by two minds sharing a commun passion for dawless production. A work of art and passion. - 2021 marks the year where 59 Perlen and Atlas Castle decided to give life to their project taking advantage of their virtual network to celebrate their commun passion for electronic music and dawless productions.

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