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Home (EP)

Petite Victory Collective, 2021



This track was written and performed in the cantone of Wallis in Switzerland. It's titled "Glacier", because 59 Perlen spent a week high in the mountains, surrounded by ice, snow and, well, the Aleschgletscher. The track was performed on Elektron Digitakt only.


"Pearl" was originally a DAW production. 59 Perlen wrote it back in Winter 2020. Shortly after, he started dawless music production and the track got forgotten. In the middle of 2021, 59 Perlen found this track again and transformed it to a handful of loops that he then performed on the Digitakt.


"Home" is a track that was produced for "Minimal City Vol. 1", the first compilation by Petite Victory Collective. All tracks on this compilation have one thing in common: they use samples found in the city area, and "Home" is not an exception. It features a sample 59 Perlen recorded 2019 in Mumbai, India - one of the biggest cities he ever visited.


The track is based on a chord progression that reminded him extremely of a feeling of coming home and feel good. And that fits perfectly with the sample from Mumbai, because that's where 59 Perlen really wanted to go again at that time: home.

Glacier (Alpha Mound Remix)

This is a remix of 59 Perlen's friend Alpha Mound. He kept the original ideas of the song, but added his own spices and a relaxed guitar riff on top. What a combination! These elements give an extra layer to the track and makes it suitable for a super chilled afterwork beer.

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