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Announcing 'Siren', a new Deephouse collaboration with Dutch artist 'Ingeborg'

Ingeborg and 59 Perlen

Earlier this year, 59 Perlen celebrated the release of his new longplayer 'Forget About The Music' with an accompanying release event. One of it's many highlights was clearly the announcement of the artists upcoming single 'Siren,' a collaboration with Dutch singer & songwriter 'Ingeborg'.

'Siren' transcends traditional electronic music, deephouse and dubtechno, carrying a profound message of love and compassion in a rather tumultuous world that we're currently living in. Ingeborg's creative interpretation played a prominent role in bringing this powerful song to life.

The moment when everything kicked off

The collaboration between Ingeborg and 59 Perlen had an unconventional beginning – a spontaneous improvisation by the singer on Perlen's 2023 single on Instagram, "Swim To You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work)".

The result left its mark with artist and performer 59 Perlen and led to a proposal for a full produced 2024 remake, showcasing the unique blend of both artistic styles.

Live performance of "Siren" at 59 Perlen's release event

The track celebrated it's premiere on 59 Perlen's album release event in January 2024. Ingeborg's emotions and the audience reactions added a layer of authenticity to the performance, creating a memorable connection between the artists and their listeners.

Dutch Singer and Songwriter 'Ingeborg' performing
Dutch Singer and Songwriter 'Ingeborg' performing 'Siren'

The Message Behind 'Siren'

Ingeborg, in her own words, reflects on the deeper meaning of 'Siren.' The song becomes a vessel for advocating love and compassion, serving as a poignant reminder in a world currently marked by conflicts. Through her interpretation, she brings a unique perspective to the rather electronic and repetitive stumping beats.

2024 Remake & History of the Deephouse Track

'Siren' has a very long history and it's the 3rd iteration of its core release. The main elements of the song have been originally created to open a contemporary art performance titled 'Shopping Bag', developed with dancer and performer Bernardo San Rafael. The main sounds came from the 4-voice analog synthesizer 'Vermona Perfourmer' with it's deep, organic and clear voices.

59 Perlen was so convinced about the track qualities that he released it later in 2022 as a vocal ambient track titled "Swim To You".

In Spring 2023, he worked on a DAW based live performance for a gig in Frankfurt and took some key elements of "Swim To You" as the foundation for a new dance track, which he then developed further and finally put it on his 2024 album titled "Swim To You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work)".

The track got released as a Promo Single in September 2023. When Ingeborg saw a promo video of the song, she spontanuasly wrote some lyrics and sang a hook over the short video snippet. 59 Perlen and Ingeborg liked the idea of producing a full track out of it and here we go - renamed to 'Siren', releasing February 23 2024.

New Chapter Unveiled - a new collab rising

'Siren' stands as a testament to both artists growth and evolution of their musical careers. The song's release on all music platforms on 23 February marks a significant milestone, unveiling a new chapter for Ingeborg and 59 Perlen as collaborative artists.

The Remix Album

'Siren' is not only another single - it's the first track taken from 59 Perlens upcoming remix album "Forget About The Remix" releasing in May 2024, delivering extraordinary re-interpretations of the original album tracks featuring remixes by Miles Kvndra, Keef Luv, Verstreift, Riigs and Big City.

On top of all, the Remix Album is accompanied by a free sample pack and 59 Perlen invites all producers to download the samples, produce their own remix and enter the contest. The best track will be included in the official album release as a community contribution - more about this exciting remix competition in separate blogpost coming the next days.

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