Atmospheric Minimal House Jam with Elektron Digitakt only

My newest creation was ment to get my very first "real" Minimal House Track. But what else would one expect from 59 Perlen rather than something deep atmospheric? I'm a big reverb guy.

So well here we go. I recently watched some tutorials about Minimal House and got completely fascinated by its basic principles. I started collecting samples for a while and this is the first track I made last night. Perfect Saturday night moods!

I very often make use of the Bit Reduction combined with massive Reverbs, modulated with the LFO to create evolving textures. This track uses this technique on the pad sound in the background, which also adds some "Lo-Fi" Crackling to the entire atmosphere. It creates huge „Waves“ that keep the track flowing and moving.

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59 Perlen was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland. Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast "The Life Of Music".

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