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New EP "Texture" to be released April 2 on Petite Victory Collective

Today's a very special day to me! I feel extremely honored to announce 2 exciting news at once!

The first big news is that I gonna release a brandnew EP in just one week! The basic idea behind "Texture" was literally born by my recent productivity. It sounds a bit odd, but my current setup gives me at least one track per week and that sums up. Each of the tracks are quickly produced, a little mixed and auto-mastered. Say "Dawless".

While I personally think that not everything I create this way should be released, I felt that people would love it. Thats' why I decided to give away these jams on a regular basis. But not on streaming sites, only on my own website. One per week, you might have noticed the last track "Pigeons" for instance.

After I dropped 3 of these "Website releases", it turned out that the additional workload that came along was hard to handle. And so I decided to compile the best jams to a monthly EP with 3-4 tracks instead.

And there we go!

"Texture" continues the Dawless Digitakt journey

What started in January with the EP "Garagen" and the follow-up Album "When Left Alone", continues seemlessly with "Texture".

Each of these releases are pretty special to me! "Garagen" was a super intense experience and a sweet collaboration with my good pal Atlas Castle I never had before. "When Left Alone" was my first release with US Label Shady Ridge Records and today I'm super excited and extremely proud to announce that "Texture" will be the very first release with Petite Victory Collective, a new independent collective and label that explores diverse electronic subgenres.

My friend and founder of PVC, Atlas Castle, asked me if I'd be interested to get onboard a brandnew label and I happily agreed! I'm sure you will read a lot more about this super exciting project very soon!

The Digitakt tracks on "Texture" are very 59 Perlen again

All tracks on "Texture" are once again completely Digitakt performed and roughly edited and the production focusses where I do best: "Textures". The tracks are typically 59 Perlen, but with some nice twists and new elements.

"Textures" releases April 2nd on Petite Victory Collective. If you want to to us a small favor and support me and the label kick-off, you can pre-save the EP here.

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