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Music producer diary - Week 41

In the weekly music producer diary, I share moments of my musical life with you guys - successes, failures and everything else.


New liveset My weekly goal was to make a good bit of progress with the new set. I was actually pretty good - I managed to merge 5 songs for the new hybrid set and transform them into the new 8-track template! Some songs were very easy to transform, others a bit more difficult, but overall the process was quite OK after I had a steep learning curve with the first track.

The set currently consists of 3 dance tracks, 1 chillout and 1 more ambient piece. On Saturday I will add another dubhouse jam - so I have 6 tracks in total, that's about 35 minutes of music.

Buy Food with Plastic Event

I also got an invitation to a partner event of "Buy Food With Plastic" and I was really happy about it! Buy Food with Plastic is an international organization from Zurich that deals with two main problems: Plastic pollution and poverty.^

Our label 'Petite Victory Collective" is supporting BFWP this year, among other things we donated the proceeds from the last compilation for them. In the middle of November, exactly 1 week before our big event "Sonic Playground" in Denmark, the BFWP partner event is taking place and I was asked if I wouldn't like to play a small liveset. This is ideal, because on this occasion I can test the (then hopefully finished) set again under real conditions on the audience.

What else was going on? I got myself "Gigmit Pro" to continue working on future gigs. Gigmit is a booking platform that simply wants to bring artists and promoters together. Since I want to start booking for next year soon, and Gigmit offers a huge database of bars, restaurants and other festivals, I think the 19 euros per month is well invested. I'll integrate the tool into my weekly booking management works and maybe a booking or two will result.

Mind you, I don't expect any direct bookings through this platform (that's what they want to sell you). Gigmit will complement my manual research. I'll report at the end whether it's all worth it.


Since my set is completely in the center of everything this week, social media had to take a back seat once again. I had firmly resolved to manage 2x Insta and 2x YouTube management slots, but in the end it didn't work out that way again. As already written several times, I currently still simply lack the time to get everything under one hat.


This week is all about a little event I set up to take place at home. Every autumn, we have a kind of "Good Bye Summer" BBQ party. It's usually the last time of the year that we grill outside on the balcony. A bunch of friends come over and we have some good times.

But this year is special though, because I will also be playing a set, kind of a "beta version" of the set I am developing for the "Sonic Playground" event I was talking about earlier. This little party is a kind of "milestone" - the goal is to have a first version of the set ready to play on the party, not 100% perfect, but so that I can gain experience with it and improve, expand and of course practice it in the time until the event.

How was your week so far? Leave your comments below.

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