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Introducing Shady Ridge Records

Today I would like to draw your sweet attention to the label behind my latest release "When Left Alone".

Shady Ridge Records began in early 2019 from an idea from Josh Wittman and Steve Setzepfandt's downtempo electronic project, Kindly Spoken Thieves. They had tried to get on a few different labels at the time and had no luck doing so. They decided to start their own label on Bandcamp. They wanted to release their own projects as well and so having them under one umbrella seemed to be a great idea and easier to manage. They took care of a few artists along for a ride with them too and I guess I'm the newest fam member now.

Actually, I didn't want to release with a label again at first. I had not so good experiences in the past - labels just wanted tracks, but I never felt like they are really interested in more than that or they were totally not willed to help promoting the music.

But by chance I stumbled across music of Shady on Bandcamp and listened to their releases. I liked what I heard and so I got into conversation with Josh. I liked his down to earth way, his approach of "creating a musical family that supports one another's work" and the passion and the support he puts into the releases on the label. I never felt like just somebody - that's really outstanding.

I feel very honored to be a part of this family now and If you don't know Shady Ridge Records yet, I highly recommend to visit their Bandcamp account and check their other artists: @defendtherhino, Departure Street, Tim Macgregor, Hydro Fyter, Kindly Spoken Thieves and Joshua James Wittman.

I hope to have many more releases with these cool guys in the future!

"When Left Alone" releases this Friday, Feb 19 - If you want to support us, we'd be thankful if you'd give us a Pre-Save on Spotify!

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