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59 Perlen is the solo music project from Matthias Rosenkranz. He was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland.

Making electronic music since 20 years, he started releasing tracks started under the alias 59 Perlen in 2019 with his very first pop-oriented single "Arabische Nacht", which expresses his deep love for sounds from the Middle East. The release was accompanied by a music video, which was created in collaboration with the German / Costa Rican artist Bernardo San Rafael.

In early 2020, 59 Perlen played his first 1 hour performance of deep house music titled "Explorations". It marked the step towards a new artistical direction and it got later released as a collection of tracks titled "Dawless".

The single "By Far" (June 2020) proved that 59 Perlen understands how real deep progressive house should work. It's a deep and intense track that takes the listener to a journey to its childhood and got supported by DJs around the globe. 

In September 2020, 59 Perlen releases another pure dawless Minimal EP, "Blackbox Sessions".

And this journey continued with his project "Lunation 1209", 59 Perlen's very first conceptual 4 Track EP. It's also the very first time he collaborates with a number of guest vocalists and artists. "Lunation 1209" dropped on Oct. 9.

During the COVID pandemy, 59 Perlen developed more and more towards a computerless way of producing music and tracks. This development started with his release "Dawless", and lead to a series of ambient- and house releases. 

In late autumn, 59 Perlen releases a couple of remixes of his EP "Lunation 1209", created by North South Project, Craig Olsen and Twilight Music Sculpture. 

2020 marks the year when 59 Perlen started to score soundscapes for contemporary art and theatre projects, starting with "Tension" from artist Bernardo San Rafael. 

During Spring 2021, 59 Perlen releases a dawless minimalist collaboration project with Danish Artist Atlas Castle titled "Garagen", followed by the all-Digitakt EPs "When Left Alone"(Shady Ridge Records) and "Texture" (Petite Victory Collective). 

His music podcast „The Life of Music“ airs once a month. Co-hosted by Canadian artist Twilight Music Sculpture, the show supports indie music artists across all dance and house subgenres.


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