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Luna Plena (TMS Remix)

Luna Nova (Craig Olsen Remix)

Luna Senescens (NSP Remix)

Best of Hearts (Betahax Remix)

Reject My Mind +++ Tension

"We’ve picked “Reject My Mind,” a brooding and atmospheric dub track, to showcase here. Turn this one up and drift away.“


Picks of the Month October, XLR8R

Forget His Song

Lunation 1209

"A clamoring of nuance, slices into the arms of decadence and brevity. A sultan of revelry, swirl with intellectual sounds, 59 Perlen’s ‘Luna Nova’, shines with full description of story and emotional longing. It’s that succinct but fulfilling grievance of heart, that invites the inevitable.“


Come here Floyd

"A track that do follow the classic proghouse vibe. And while I’m very veary of vocals on my club tracks, here the vocals perfectly fits the soundscape and builds a hypnotic vibe. Great stuff.“


Atroxity, BeatRadar

Blackbox Sessions

AJR: Save Some Space (59 Perlen RMX)

By Far

"59 Perlen brings the listener on an interstellar journey, which quickly returns to earth with an addictive intensity. This track is sure to be found in many club rooms in the near future.“



On My Shoulders


"59 Perlen really produced an amazing album and piece of art. This is for any of you progressive house and Dawless lovers. Definitely a must listen to. Don't miss out.“


Atlas Castle on BancCamp

In The Wave

Holding On

Puppy (feat. Only One Spoon)

Matte! Fever (59 Perlen RMX)