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(59 Perlen Remix)


About the track

"Abendrot" is a track by German progressive house duo Verstreift, consisting of Julian Wilhelm and Nico Bakerman. The two guys have released their debut single on August 6 and I was pleased when they asked me if I'd like to remix the track.


The remix is entirely based on my current setup, mainly Digitakt, Digitone, Octatrack and Peak. The workflow I used for the production differs from my previous works and incorporates a lot of work in Ableton: I got stems, chopped some loops and imported these on my Digitakt. Then I created the pattern, added some elements on the Digitone and recorded all in my DAW. Next I polished the entire arrangement and started adding additional elements before mixing and mastering - and exported them later as loops which I then arranged on the Octatrack.

Watch the Performance

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