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When Left Alone

Shady Ridge Records, 2021

Watch the Teaser

About the Album

59 Perlen When Left Alone Album.jpg

Some people do nothing at all and quickly begin to feel bored. Others meditate, do needlework or the simply go crazy. And then there are people who can only be creative when they are alone. 

When 59 Perlen is left alone, he simply makes music and starts to transform feelings into patterns. Electronic music patterns. And that's what the latest album by the Zurich based artist, titled "When Left Alone" is all about.

As the album opens with "A Hot Kinda Musician" you get a haunting feeling come over you. There are multiple moments similar to this on the album.


Then all of a sudden the minimal dub beats bring you out of that zone and give the listener an almost different direction to follow. A perfect example is the closing track "Worthwhile". It gets a bit more upbeat but still has that dark feeling. 

The sounds and textures throughout the album are very pleasing to the ears. You will find yourself discovering more hidden sounds every time you hear it. Sit back and chill with the headphones on while enjoying this album.


"When Left Alone" is the first album 59 Perlen releases with Shady Ridge Records, an electronic and ambient record label based in Hutchinson, Minnesota. 


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