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Petite Victory Collective

Made Of Dust (EP)

Petite Victory Collective

Home (EP)

Petite Victory Collective

Texture (EP)

Petite Victory Collective

When Left Alone (Album)

"Switzerland-based producer Matthias Rosenkranz, better known as 59 Perlen, delivers his second album through Shady Ridge Records. Entitled "When Left Alone," the five-track mini-album is a perfect continuation of the hardware-based raw and minimal house sounds found on his 2020 album "Dawless."

"Five Six Seven Eight" is a delicately-constructed spacey house excursion pierced by a deep dubby bassline and balanced with the warm and hazy tweaked minimalism."



Shady Ridge Records

Garagen (with Atlas Castle)

“The unhurried crunchy house, met with ambient and live instruments performed by these comrades sounds very cool, and the release is perceived as a real audio adventure into a new, aesthetically perfect dimension.”



"‘I’ is a bonafide slow-burner that scorches everything in its path with unrivaled sensuality. Its low-end gravitas keeps us centered and grounded, as the sun goes down and the city lights flare-up in a hazy Minimal that exudes finesse. ‘II’ goes down the same street as ‘I’, but the textures and contrast seem different. Like its the same street, only a few hours later. A mixture of deeper shades, mist, and neon blips, ‘II’ is a warmer dub with reversed stabs reflecting against the cold pavement."



“The opener, “I,” is a smooth and emotive minimal track; it makes you feel a lot by doing little, focusing on an insatiable groove and Jan Jelinek-esque sample chops.”



V (with Atlas Castle)

“As true to his creativity, 59 Perlen, continues the experimental trek of sights and sounds, for your mind and heart ... Like a runway in the deep depths of space, ‘V’ is a termination of the short-sighted, and offers a becoming excitement for mysterious wonders, just up ahead.”



“V” is a deep and melancholic tune, with a slow and silky beat, driven by a catchy and warm piano melody and glicthy percussions. Very simple, but yet very effective, going straight to the point and placing itself between Deep House and Minimal with ambient influences. Don’t miss it!”



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