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Releases 2023

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"‘Horizon’ is not a record that can be written about – rather, it needs to be experienced."


"His ability to break musical boundaries with unique sound is evident in this song and you can feel talent in there, wow."


"A track that showcases the engrossing electronic sound of 59 Perlen."

Obscure Sound

"The way the track packs such complex emotional depth into a song without words is stunning."

Music Taste

"Horizon is a track which challenges conventional categorization, and signifies a shift from the artist's prior works, presenting an unbounded array of sonic textures and experimental minimal techno rhythms."

Testing Melodies

"If C64 was the starting point, Basic Channel’s dub techno experiments from the early 90s is the jumping off point for this track."

Acid Ted

The Worst Thing To Live Without

"The Worst Thing to Live Without” by 59 Perlen is, without a doubt, a beautiful rarity in the world of house music"

Sinusoidal Music

"Conceptual Electronica as its Best"

Apollo´s Harp

"We eagerly await what other gems 'Forget About The Music' will provide as 'The Worst Thing To Live Without' sets the stage for something very special."

"In his latest release, ‘The Worst Thing to Live Without’, 59 Perlen fathom a melancholic sphere that is colored with profound sonic weaves. It perhaps imagines a world, vacuous and devoid of sentiment or emotion that makes us human."

Good Music Radar

"The Worst Thing To Live Without” is a truly original and thoroughly enjoyable minimal dance track that showcases the creativity and production panache of 59 Perlen while building the hype for his upcoming full-length record."

Plastic Mag

Swim To You

"Championing dreamy and ethereal textures, ‘Swim To You (59 Perlen Dub Re-Work)’ is a true gift to the senses, a universal and majestic listening experience."

AFX Radio

"59 Perlen masterfully weaves a tapestry, rich with textures and layers that evolve and transform throughout the track. It's an exercise in sonic storytelling, with each musical element playing a vital role in the overall narrative."

We Write about Music

"The song sucks you into its vortex with no hope of escape. Sweat-drenched and euphoric, the only option is to surrender entirely to its beastly dominance of mind, body, and soul."

EDM Rekords

"We appreciate the cosmic nuance of the composition, and the emotional journey that we are taken on by the creator. Swim To You showcases nothing short of instrumental mastery, and we are lost in 59 Perlen‘s universe."

Karl is my uncle

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