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Master the Elektron Digitakt

There's a new Digitakt on your desk, but you're completely overwhelmed by the many possibilities of this fascinating device? Are you looking for your "signature sound"? Or do you simply need some help on how to create a complex arrangement with the Digitakt? 

This is made for all Elektron Digitakt and Elektron Model:Samples users who want to get deeper into live music making. Make your free appointment today!

Your Trainer

Matthias is a 45 year old musician by heart. He's producing music since 20 years, and proved his deep understanding of the Elektron Digitakt Groovebox with different Digitakt based music releases, Online Performances, YouTube Jams and online tutorials.

Beside, he hosts a monthly podcast about House Music, "The Life Of Music", and scores music for international contemporary art projects. 

Matthias worked for many years as a Software trainer at various schools in Germany and Switzerland. 

How does it work? 

I firmly believe that when students and teachers trust each other, the outcome of a session improves. That's why you can schedule a 30-minute free call with me before your booking. But you can also make directly a full purchase.  


One session is equal to 60 minutes. You book a session straight on this website using the form below. During the booking process, you can choose between available time slots that are usually offered between 6-9pm CET. If you are living in other timezones or you wish to take the lession another day, please send me a short message using the chat box at the bottom of the screen before you book. You can pay by credit card or Paypal using the Wix Payment system. 

After the booking is confirmed, I will contact you to clearify the technical setup and your goals either by mail or a short video call. The session itself will be on Zoom, a video conferencing tool. The link to the room will be provided shortly before the booked session via email. 

The session will be in English or German language. 

Frequent Questions

Can I get to know you first? 

Totally! Setup a free 30 min call and we will talk about expectations, skills and you also get to know me too. 

What do I need`


You will need the Elektron Digitakt or the Elektron Model:Samples Groovebox, best in a small setup connected to speakers, and a computer with Internet connection, webcam and headset for attending the video conference.

What can I learn?


The content of the session is completely up to you! It can be a general introduction to the Digitakt features, or the basic setup, sound design, sampling, arrangement, using Overbridge, or live performance tricks. It all depends on your needs and level of skills, and we will clearify the session structure beforehand.

Can I cancel?


Cancellations or rebookings are accepted up to 48 hours before the booked session. An alternative date can be booked or the full amount refunded. Later changes, rebookings or cancellations will not be accepted. Non-attendance at a booked service is considered a cancellation and does not entitle the participant to an alternative date or a refund of the fees paid.


What If I'm not happy?


I am pretty sure that you will get better tracks with the Digitakt after the training. If you are still not satisfied, you will get your money back.

What does it cost? 


A single hour will cost 35 CHF which is round about 32 EUR or 38 USD (depending on local currency).

Can I get a discount?

A package of 5 hours is available for the price of 4 hours. This means you will get 1 hour for free. 

I have other questions or individual requests


Please use the chat button on the bottom of this page to start a conversation, best before you make a booking.

Watch some examples


You can purchase packages including severeal 1:1 sessions. After your purchase, you book appointments for each included 1:1 session with the booking form above. The bookings will be credited to your purchased package and won't be charged. The remaining sessions of your package can be checked in your account settings. 

I make music with little boxes


59 Perlen was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland. Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast "The Life Of Music".

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