“Watching the 59 Perlen Classes I learned how to pass from a boring track to a full song!”

Emanuele / Italy

Learn to make tracks

Digitakt Online Class

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What is it?

A Video Online Course about creating House tracks with the Elektron Digitakt Groovebox.


The Digitakt Online Class is a non-renewing 1 year membership that gives you access to all current lessons plus future updates (every 2nd month a new exclusive lesson will be added to the curriculum). 


Create, select and prepare samples

Build a complete house pattern

Perform and keep a track interesting

Use Digitakt onboard effects

Designing Textures and Moods

No Subscription

Pay once,
no auto-renewal

1 Year Membership

12 months

access to all lessons

Frequent Updates

Additional and exclusive lessons

Create wonderful music

This performance was created entirely with the Digitakt. The class will help you to create tracks like this. 

What you'll get

Learn to make tracks with Digitakt

Over 2 hours of training videos

Regular updates with additional lessons

Free access to all Packs in the Sample Store

Support Forum 

Valid for 1 year

Professional Video Quality

 Introductory offer 

CHF 29.-

Watch free lecture


Currently 2 hours of video in 13 lessons

Regular updates with additional videos


Welcome (3:00 min.)
Short introduction and course overview. 


Full Track (7:27 min.)

A performance of the pattern that we will work with during the course.


Samples I (4:44 min.)

Get to know different sources of nteresting and outstanding sample material.


Samples II (6:26 min.)

Preparing the collected samples with Audacity. 


Digitakt I (17:11 min.)

Learn what LFOs are and how to use them.


Digitakt II (7:35 min.)

Learn what you can do with Parameter Locks.  


Digitakt III (14:21 min.)

Learn what you can do with Conditional trigs and how to utilize them.


Arrangement (23:59 min.)

Learn how to use the 8 Digitakt Audiotracks to create a versatile and interesting pattern using the techniques you learned in the previous lectures. 


Sound Design I (16:02 min.)

Use Reverb and Delay to create moodes and vibes for our pattern.


Sound Design II (8:43 min.)

How to create a simple Synth Arpeggiation using Digitakts factory samples. 


Sound Design III (8:00 min.)

How to get the Drums & Basslines crunchy and driving forward. 


Performing (13:00 min.)

Get some interesting insights and tipps for a better performance. 


Conclusion (1:09 min.)

Next Steps

Who this course is for

Musicians searching for their Signature Sound

Newbies interested in building Minimal House tracks

Students who think of getting a new Digitakt



"Great course and good subjects, can't wait to see more videos!"

Jurgen / Netherlands


" Great Experience! Matthias is a good listener, takes the time and is very dedicated to help you to get the best possible outcome, whatever your issue or goal is!"

Jasper / Netherlands


"It's really helpful to work with Matthias. He is professional, patient and absolutely knows how to convey content skillfully. Plus I like his music!"

Bernardo San Rafael / Germany


"It was really worth it! Matthias knows what he's doing and his personal coaching brought me a big step forward!"

Tim / Switzerland


“Watching the 59 Perlen Classes I learned how to pass from a boring track to a full song!”

Emanuele / Italy


“I would not be embracing the DAWless path if it wasn’t for Matthias and his black boxes. Learning to use the Digitakt with him was a real game changer in my workflow. Engaged, patient and super fun to virtually hang out with, Matthias really managed to make me feel comfortable all the way. I can highly recommend his classes.”

Guillaume / Denmark

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