"Great Experience! Matthias is a good listener, takes the time and is very dedicated to help you to get the best possible outcome, whatever your issue or goal is!"

Jasper / Netherlands

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Making music has become affordable for everyone these days. Hardware is cheaper than ever, and current software allows the production of high-quality tracks for little money.

But the market ist confusing and especially beginners are often overwhelmed in the selection of suitable devices. How often have I wished as a newbie that I could have asked someone who has a clue! The many test reports on the Internet have been in the end no real decision aid and I've spent a fortune for nothing out of ignorance. 

Advanced musicians wish to have an experienced colleague by their side to exchange ideas, feedbacks or getting to know how to develop a unique style. 


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Purchase advice, setup development, basic trainings, defining workflows


Working on a track, talking to a Pro on a level playing field, working with gear


Mixing, Mastering, Performing, Marketing & Social Media, Design for Musicians

Meet your Coach

I'm a 45 year old musician by heart. I produce music since 20 years, and proved my passion with Music Releases, Online Performances, YouTube Jams and Online Tutorials.

My studio hosts an Elektron Digitakt, Digitone, Model:Samples, Novation Peak, Circuit Mono Station, a Roland TB-03, a Teenage Engineering OP-Z, a Squarp Pyramid and a number of Effect Pedals, plus different software synths and Ableton Live.

I specialized on creating Electronic Music - House, Minimal, Ambient. Beside, I host a monthly podcast about House Music, "The Life Of Music".

I worked for many years as a teacher at various schools in Germany and Switzerland. 


"Great course and good subjects, can't wait to see more videos!"

Jurgen / Netherlands

" Great Experience! Matthias is a good listener, takes the time and is very dedicated to help you to get the best possible outcome, whatever your issue or goal is!"

Jasper / Netherlands

"It's really helpful to work with Matthias. He is professional, patient and absolutely knows how to convey content skillfully. Plus I like his music!"

Bernardo San Rafael / Germany

"It was really worth it! Matthias knows what he's doing and his personal coaching brought me a big step forward!"

Tim / Switzerland

“Watching the 59 Perlen Classes I learned how to pass from a boring track to a full song!”

Emanuele / Italy

“I would not be embracing the DAWless path if it wasn’t for Matthias and his black boxes. Learning to use the Digitakt with him was a real game changer in my workflow. Engaged, patient and super fun to virtually hang out with, Matthias really managed to make me feel comfortable all the way. I can highly recommend his classes.”

Guillaume / Denmark

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59 Perlen was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland. Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast "The Life Of Music".

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