Chilly Dub House Jam with Elektron Model:Samples and Digitakt

The combination of my new Elektron Model:Samples and the Digitakt turns out to be very efficient for my musical process!

With this extended setup, I started to separate the beat & instrument creation parts by having "beat sessions" where I only jam around making beats witout further instruments first.

And then, in a separate session, I plug it into the Digitakt and start adding basslines, pads etc. Idkw, but this method is really inspiring!

This track runs at 110bpm and I titled it "Calm down!" as it is a pretty relaxed chillout house track with a little dub flavor. I don't use the Digitakt's Loopback feature on this song - instead, I kick in some spontanous delay shots here and there. I love the woody percussion track in particular, it's so groovy!

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