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Dawless Hardware Jam - Housemusic with Elektron gear

Hello my friends, I hope you’re having a great Monday so far! We’re on a day of bank holidays here in Switzerland (together with many other countries I think) so I finally had the time to record a brandnew jam. And I can tell you, I had so much fun with this one!

The track is titled "Kid" and got a little cheesy, but still I love the chord progression of it a lot. My main goal was to exercise jamming with the Squarp and get more pumping tracks with my compressor. It’s actually not that style of music I normally do but here we go :)

Some insights about my workflow and the machines

Squarp Pyramid: the brain. Its sequencing the Peak and the Digitone, and It also controls the pattern and presets of the entire setup. I didn’t use the song mode, I switched between the few pattern manually during the jam. The chord progression is pretty long, so I wrote it in Ableton beforehand and exported it as a MIDI clip onto the SD Card of the Pyramid. I did the same with the baseline. Editing a 32 bar track can be a pain on this machine.

Novation Peak plays the lead arps, sequenced by the Squarp. It’s a simple arp preset that I tweaked. Digitone is only for the bassline and Digitakt plays a little atmosphere sample. I added a bit of bit reduction and modulated it using the LFO. DT also plays that sweet title-giving voice recording.

Analog Rytm: Drums, I only used the analog sound engines and no layered samples, and finally the Typhon for some simple pad inserts, I played these live here and there on the little keyboard.

Audio Routing

A quick word about the audio routing. I plugged the Peak outputs into the Digitone. The sum of these 2 guys goes into my Empress compression pedal where its sidechained using the Kick output of the Analog Rytm. I know, they come out mono that way, but I’m fine with it :D

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