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First 2021 Dub House Jam with Elektron Digitakt and Model:Samples

Welcome to my first Digitakt Jam of the new year :) If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the picture of my newest piece of gear I was gifted for Christmas: the Electro-Harmonix „Grand Canyon“, a Delay and Looper Pedal that simply sounds amazing.

While I’m still figuring out the endless possibilities of this pedal, I’ve added it to this little setup, where it plays together with the Elektron Digitakt and the Elektron Model:Samples. I’m using the „Reverse“ effect setting to create a very interesting soundscape as the track foundation, played by the Model:Samples. The groove section and the pad sounds are coming from the Digitakt.

Let me know what you think about this very Dub-House track guys!

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59 Perlen
59 Perlen
Jan 03, 2021

Thanks Jaspar! :) glad you found my page ! Appreciated!


Love it! Nice crispy clap on that kick, love te canyon delays also

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