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Dubhouse Jam feat. PerFourMer (+ free MP3)

I'm getting used to my new "Hybrid" setup and I started working on an entire set to perform for the upcoming Sonic Playground event in Copenhagen. At first I was super scared of the complexity, even the reason for going to a mixed setup was to shrink the complexity LOL Does that make sense?

There was so much to do and I'm finally super proud that I managed to develop a template that merges each song down to a max of 8 tracks (aka 8 columns on the controller) and get Ableton ready to do what I want and not what itself wants.

I still need to work on automation and modulation with the controller, but that's next steps - I'm happy the template works and I put already a number of tracks in it and this is a first full song titled 'The Big, Grey Fairy'. Please don't ask me about the meaning of this title, I simply use random title generators occasionally and I liked it haha.

Each track in the set has the exact identical structure and this one is no exception; there are 4 MIDI tracks sequencing the 4 Perfourmer synths, 1 Software Instrument (here it's an Ableton Wavetable playing the Dub Stabs) , 1 Audio track for the Kick, 1 Audio track for the merged backing loops and 2 Audio tracks for the the incoming Vermona signals (the first synth is routed separately, that gives me the freedom to treat it with different plugins than the other 3 summed up synths).

I made a spontaneous release from this song and I hope you like the track :D You can download it here (pay whatever you want or free download).

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