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Generative jam with Vermona Perfourmer and Analog Rytm

This week's jam is a direct continuation of last week's track "Swim". It's about an underwater landscape and part of my upcoming performances on August 12 & August 13 in Stralsund, Germany.

While "Swim" is a pretty cinematic composition, this one is a very experimental track and divided into 3 sections.

In the 1st part whales play the main role. All sounds you hear are played with 1 track. For the first time, I used the special FX LFOs from the Analog Rytm to modulate the global delay time. Really cool! On the Digitakt, I had to use the Midi Loopback to do that. On top, the regular track LFO changes the pitch of the whale sounds and the trigs are played by a random value only every now and then. This results in an extremely variant and generative composition that plays automatically so I can focus on the synths meanwhile.

In the 2nd part the Vermona Perfourmer comes into play, supplemented by the Big Sky Reverb with its Plate Machine. The sounds are sequenced by the Squarp Pyramid using a lot of randomization effects on the note octaves and lengths.

In the 3rd part it gets a bit chaotic, here the Novation Peak gives its best. I configured the touchpad of the Pyramid to control some effect parameters.

Slowly but surely all the elements are coming together for the performance! I'm so excited to see everything together soon. The tracks are ready, and in the coming week I have to practice, practice, practice. Especially with the transitions and the settings of the Vermona I have to get much faster!

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