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Hybrid Jam feat. Vermona Perfourmer & Ableton Live

Hello my dears, finally I can once again post a new jam for you guys! And that's a very special one :) Should you've followed my blog or my latest posts on Instagram, then you know that I was rather less satisfied with the construction of my dawless setup for the road. Too much equipment in the luggage that have made the transportation by plane insanely complicated and nerve-wracking. Read more here:

Now I already have several new projects in the pipeline, which will also take place abroad. I will travel a lot. I wanted to reduce the effort and especially the space needed for transport, so that the entire setup fits into my producer bag, suitable for the cabin. That's why I've been intensively working on a hybrid setup for the last few weeks, and this is finally the first track I've set up with it, as a little exercise so to speak.

My Hybrid Setup: Ableton Live is the centerpiece

Ableton is in the center of all and takes care of sequencing and processing. I updated to version 11 so the M1 in my Macs are reflected.

Connected to the computer is a Motu M4 audio / midi interface with 2 stereo inputs and the Novation Launchpad Pro MKIII as controller. Both devices are USB-powered and therefore don't need separate power supplies - which means less stuff and cables in the bag :D

My main synth is of course the Vermona Perfourmer, my new favorite :D I like that its analogue engine changes its sound as it goes, it's a nice contrast to the rest of the otherwise digital sound. It's currently set up so that all 4 synth engines play individually, means I have 4 mono voices available that are controlled in Ableton with separate midi tracks.

The Audio Routing of my Hybrid Setup

I want to keep a structure for all tracks, so I defined that the first of the 4 tracks will always play the bass, so also in this jam. For this the audio signal from this track is fed separately into the interface and also included separately as an audio track in Ableton (using the OUT/INSERT Jack of the Vermona).

The remaining 3 tracks are routed through the main output of the Perfourmer as a sum into the 2nd stereo input of the Motu interface. This separation within the routing of the 4 synth strips has the huge advantage that I can use different plugins on bass and melody tracks as needed. On this track, I enhanced the arps with the new hybrid reverb and an echo. However, as a set progresses, I can vary this through automation per track and use other plugins. This makes the Vermona sound mega flexible.

Furthermore, I use various tracks for samples and the new Drone Lab from Ableton. My plan is to use all tracks except the Vermona midi tracks for live sets as backing tracks to simplify the setup. Only the Perfourmer tracks, and that's still 4, will then be controlled by me in the performance. And the scenes of course with the help of the Launchpad.

I am currently extremely satisfied with this setup and have already transferred several tracks into it :D Is of course still expandable. But it runs like a charm :D

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