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Introducing "Daily Dawless"; a Podcast that delivers fresh electronic music every day

Welcome to Daily Dawless, a podcast about handmade electronic music! I'm a passionate computerless musician myself, and I take a lot of recordings and make releases with my stuff. But I realized that not every artists does the same, a lot of us just "Jam" and call it a day.

So I wanted to create a place for musicians and electronic music lovers to collect music that's dawless produced and electronic. And this place is Daily Dawless. 

As the name suggests, the podcast delivers fresh music every day - there is one episode per day, and one track per episode. The show is being published at 9pm CET and delivered straight to your Podcast Library.  

Track Submission

Are you a dawless artist? Then send me your work! Track submission is easy. There are just some "rulez" I created so every submission gets equal treatment. 

Important: This project is non-commercial! I don't get paid by anyone and I don't accept any paid placements. It's a private project of mine which takes a lot of time. Thus, I kindly ask to respect the below listed rules to save me some time. 

  • Subscribe to the podcast in your favorite app if you haven't done yet :)

  • your track doesn’t have to be released, but it can be

  • all genres accepted

  • please provide MP3 or WAV file, your artist name, possible track title, year of recording, used gear, a link to social media or artist profile (Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube …), the more info the better

  • the track must be played dawless - recording in a DAW is allowed of course, but no further post processing in a DAW

  • minimal track length 4 min

  • send all to

I will get in touch with you soon and keep you posted about the schedule.

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