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Out now: "Luna Senescens (North South Project Remix)

The North South Project Remix of my track "Luna Senescens" has been released today.

"North South Project" is a band from the North and South regions of Germany. There music is mostly house flavored and we've played one of their tracks on "The Life Music Music" podcast a while ago. I loved the track they submitted, and so I asked them if they'd be interested doing a remix for me.

And this is the wonderful result - a charming Re-Work of "Luna Senescens" that keeps both core elements of the original track but also adds a lot of the specific band-flavors that I love so much.

You can buy the track as usual on my website, on Bandcamp or stream the single on most platforms.

The original EP "Lunation 1209" is still available on my website or Bandcamp.

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