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Merry Christmas!

It's getting cozy, snow's unfortunately not falling here in Zurich but I still hope you're all doing well, having a good time! Before the year comes to an end, I have 2 little announcements for you.

But first, I want to shout out a HUGE thanks for everyone who supported this project by sharing, saving, pre-saving. commenting, messaging, subscribing, streaming and purchasing - without you, 59 Perlen would be completely different and with the help of your feedbacks, I finally found my "signature" and that's really priceless! Thank you! :)

As you might noticed, I founded a new fanclub in December, the "Kaffeehaus". Kaffeehaus is a monthly subscription for people who take it easy and love warm house music. For the price of a pot of coffee, you can directly support the work of an Indie artist and get wonderful warm and cozy music. Learn more about the benefits and subscribe here.

The first Kaffeehaus member exclusive single will be released for you on 8 January and 2 days later, on 10 January, the first Kaffeekränzchen hangout with live music will take place at 8pm CET. I'm excited about this and I hope that some more of you will join the Kaffeehaus experience soon.

Have a few peaceful days, Merry Christmas and above all, stay healthy!

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