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Music producer diary - Week 42

In the weekly music producer diary, I share moments of my musical life with you guys - successes, failures and everything else. Week 42 was all about a little live event, some new gear and a new podcast episode.


The last days have been completely dedicated to my little silent concert that took place last Sunday. My primary goal was to put together a 30-minute set and perform it in a relaxed and flawless manner. I achieved this goal and I'm really happy with the result, because with this good preparation I can now approach the preparation for the big gig in November - much more relaxed.

However, I had to struggle with massive problems beforehand that almost made me not play the set after all. You can read all about it in this article.

New Gear

As part of the above noted problem solving, I bought the mini version of the Launchpad MK3 in an SOS emergency action. I thought my big Launchpad Pro was sending unwanted signals to my computer, causing the pitch problems. At least, I had read about similar problems more often on the Internet.

Therefore, I ordered the Mini ad hoc. In retrospect, it turned out that the hardware was not to blame for my problems, but the small Launchpad is an ideal addition to my setup because it weighs much less, is smaller and still optimally meets my requirements.

Novation Launchpad Mini MKIII and Expressive E Touchê Midi Controller
Novation Launchpad Mini MKIII and Expressive E Touchê Midi Controller

Which leads me to another piece of hardware that I quietly added :D After the event was over, I needed a little musical break, cleaned up my studio and got prepped for upcoming projects. In this process, and cos I saved space in my backpack because of the small launchpad controller, I integrated my Expressive E Touchê into the setup and I hope it stays there.

"Hope", because unfortunately I had to determine during first test plays that the host plugin "Lie" which pairs the controller with Live instruments often crashes or the controller features freezes. For live operation a no-go, so I'm still skeptical whether I can use the otherwise fascinating device.

But having another tactile component in the setup is nice <3

Podcast with Atlas Castle

I have continued to be involved with the podcast "STROM". The new episode goes live Sunday and I've been making my track selections and recording my video snippets. It's fun every time. My friend Giom made another great show out of it, I'm looking forward to the premiere.

Software ramp-ups

Strymon Big Sky VST Plugin
Strymon Big Sky VST Plugin

Last but not least, Strymon - the manufacturer of my beloved "Big Sky Reverb" pedal - has released a software version of it. It's a hefty pricetag 199 USD, so I think we will be at 249 Euro in Europe. This is of course steep, but the test version will show whether they could cast the quality of the pedal in software. The shimmer machine is just unmatched.

What's next?

I have a day off on Friday which I want to use for a couple of tasks. First, I will finalize a new Dubtrack; a potential prospect for the Copenhagen Set. I decided to remove 2 of the current tracks and replace them with new material, currently working on a new pattern which looks promising.

Then I will continue to apply for 2023 bookings. Guess I need to be more active on this one very soon; but want to wait until I got a recording of the November gig first.

I gonna continue working with the Touchê controller as well and I will also record a new video for my YouTube Channel, I simply missed the last week because of the silent event preparation.

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