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I'm taking a break - enjoy this last Octatrack Dubjam and see you again in August!

In the last few weeks I have had the feeling that I need to take a break. A break from Social Media, YouTube productions, weekly jams and updates. My batteries need to charge.

That's why this video is the last one for now - today I'm saying goodbye to you guys for a summer break and will be back playing for you in August, full of new ideas! During the next 6 weeks I won't upload any tracks, you will also have to do without our live sessions. I won't make any posts on Instagram and will also hold back with comments as far as possible.

But I'm already working on a lot of new stuff and I'll use the next 6 weeks to push these forward - a first pure Octatrack live set is coming up, an EP, a new Digitakt sound design course incl. update 1.3 features is in production, a small rebranding is on the plan etc. But that's all I can tell you today ;D Lets keep the tension.

Before I say goodbye, there will be a super cool compilation with my minimal house track "Home" dropping on Friday, July 2. "Minimal City Vol. 1" will be released on Petite Victory Collective.

Briefly about the track you hear in this video: it's a "remix" of my song "Pearl". I just wanted to work with the slicing features of the Octatrack, and the stems of the original track were great for that. The OT controls the rest of the devices with some patterns. I haven't used the Arranger Mode yet.

Have a great summer time, get out there, enjoy your freedom, meet friends and get drunk. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in my next Live Session on YT!


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