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"We Need A Decision", a warm and chilled Digitakt Deephouse track

This week's jam is titled "We Need A Decision" and it has become a super chilled and fluffy track, performed with the Digitakt. I really want to listen to it after work with a cool beer in my favorite bar. You can download and stream it here.

A slightly modulated pad plays the main role and builds the foundation of the vibe, a voice sample provides the title and some low stabs bring groove into the pattern. I had played around with this track during my live session last Wednesday (check it out for a track breakdown!) and I must confess that I exceptionally added a reverb in my DAW after the recording. Only through this the pad got an extremely light way, which I simply couldn't leave out, as it gives the whole track an extreme lightness.

The video is the first one I made with Final Cut X (previously I used a Adobe Premiere Pro). I really like the default effect (which is actually super simple to make but looks awesome).

What you think? Does it work?

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