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Out now: "Abendrot (59 Perlen Remix) - with Digitakt and Octatrack

Today is a special day, because my remix of the track "Abendrot", produced by German Progressive House guys "Verstreift", got released.

The song is special in that I took a significant step forward with my production workflow - I no longer produced purely "Dawless" and spiced the workflow up with some software generated elements. In addition, it was my goal to play the track within a live performance, so I had to take care about the playability as well.

That's my Digitakt Remix Workflow

The workflow started as usual with the stems I received from the producers. I loaded them up into Ableton, time stretched everything to my signature speed of 112bpm, chopped out some of the interesting parts I liked, saved these as loops and imported that final little "Soundpack" on my Digitakt.

Then the fun began! I started jamming and created a first draft of the remix pattern. On top of the sample based Digitakt arrangement, I added some arps and effects with the Digitone.

Afterwards, I recorded all the individual tracks of both machines back into Ableton. Of course, I paid special attention to the Digitone tracks, because I modulated them with the modwheel of the Keystep during the recordings.

Then the arrangement phase followed. I polished the track and the structure was settled. At this point of the process, I added some software elements - top loops, a pad and a few effects - and made sure that all the tracks together didn't exceed the maximum number of tracks on the devices. I used my favorite software synth for this: Arturia Pigments.

After I finished the mix of all tracks, I made these new extra elements to loops again and imported them on the Octatrack.

At the end of the process, the complete arrangement was ready for jamming. For the use in my live set I will still optimize the arrangement a little bit with the help of the Octatrack arranger, because the many tracks on the different devices are quite demanding to perform.

You can stream the single here.

What do you think? Do you like the track? Let me know in the comments!

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