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Ambient jam with Digitakt, Digitone and yes, Octatrack

Yeah!!! Finally, I'm back on the YT stage with a brandnew Jam and I'm super excited to present you this sweet track! It's titled "Out There" - a pretty spacy and slow journey; it will be a part of my upcoming autumn live event.

For the very first time ever, I'm using Elektron Digitakt for drums, ambiences and vocals, Digitone for bass, FX and arps and Octatrack for sequencing the Novation Peak and syncing the other 2 boxes. You know how I struggled with the Octatrack, but I slowly get int the hang with it and I use it more and more to spice up my jams.

If you want to know how I made this pattern, I suggest to watch the studio session where I broke down the arrangement!

Learn how to make your own house tracks with the Elektron Digitakt!

Have a look on my Digitakt Online Class! It's a video course focussed on creating tracks with the Digitakt. It covers LFOs, Arrangement, Performing, Digitakt FX and many other interesting topics, plus it's upgraded with new lectures frequently.

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