Dawless Dark Dub House Jam with Elektron Digitakt and Digitone

Right before I celebrate the release of our Digitakt based EP "Garagen" on Friday 29 of January together with my mate Atlas Castle, I was in the mood to upload another Jam I was working on during the past weeks (and yes, Corona lets me working on lots of stuff!).

Since a while, I was waiting for the moment when the time would come to finally add the Digitone to my track setup and this moment is finally there. I bought this very cool Synth a while ago, but after making some patterns with Digitakt and Digitone together, I felt like I need to practice the hell out of one machine first before I add the other one (no, the Model:Samples doesn't count as it's basically a second Digitakt for me). And that's what I did in the past months.

And so yep, here is it, a track I titled "In the Night" as the vibe is kinda dark - little different than the tracks I created in the past. A bit faster, you hear some Berlin House like synth hooks coming from the Digitone, the Digitakt plays some very dark and warm pads and a pretty mystic whispering voice in the middle of the track.

I might do a breakdown video from this track next week, is this interesting for you? Let me know :D

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59 Perlen was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland. Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast "The Life Of Music".

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