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Dawless Dark Dub House Jam with Elektron Digitakt and Digitone

Right before I celebrate the release of our Digitakt based EP "Garagen" on Friday 29 of January together with my mate Atlas Castle, I was in the mood to upload another Jam I was working on during the past weeks (and yes, Corona lets me working on lots of stuff!).

Since a while, I was waiting for the moment when the time would come to finally add the Digitone to my track setup and this moment is finally there. I bought this very cool Synth a while ago, but after making some patterns with Digitakt and Digitone together, I felt like I need to practice the hell out of one machine first before I add the other one (no, the Model:Samples doesn't count as it's basically a second Digitakt for me). And that's what I did in the past months.

And so yep, here is it, a track I titled "In the Night" as the vibe is kinda dark - little different than the tracks I created in the past. A bit faster, you hear some Berlin House like synth hooks coming from the Digitone, the Digitakt plays some very dark and warm pads and a pretty mystic whispering voice in the middle of the track.

I might do a breakdown video from this track next week, is this interesting for you? Let me know :D

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