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Deega X 59 Perlen - collaborative dawless house set

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Thanks to Deega's hospitality, our first session happenend in their kitchen
Thanks to Deega's hospitality, our first session happenend in the family kitchen

As a leg if my little "Music Holiday Tour", I stopped by in Brescia, Italy, to get creative with a friend that I talked a lot with but never met in person before: PVC artist and musician Nicolo aka Deega.

Bresca is a town in the region of Lombardai in the North of Italy, around 80km to the east of Milano. I actually never heard of this city before, so I was double curious about this trip.

Final Goal: Dawless Jam on Massive Radio

The final goal of this weekend was a live stream with a dawless performance that we scheduled on Massive Radio at 8pm Saturday night. I met Nicolo some days before the trip on Zoom and we talked about my stay and what we want to achieve. Actually, we thought to have maybe 1 or 2 tracks made together during my stay, and for the rest of the show each of us to play own tracks.

In a first meet and greet we both found ourselves well connected so we felt ready to go for it.

The next day we had the first session, in which we wanted to figure out how and what we want to do. We very quickly got to the decision that it was not an option to perform each of our own tracks, simply because we wanted to get our gear connected and that required a specific routing that we couldn't change during the live stream.

This was our  improved "Weekend Studio" :)
59 Perlen & Deega in their improved "Weekend Studio"

So we went the workload road to create an entire live set from scratch! The first session brought out 3 patterns aka tracks, and the next day we created another 5.

I knew, I can create pretty fast when I make patterns on Elektron machines on my own. But I never created with someone together so I was sceptical if that kind of collab worked. But after the first track was done, I was pretty concvinced to make this challenge and a create a time filling new set together.

45 Minutes of Dawless Housemusic in 1,5 days

We ended up with a pre-recorded set of 45 minutes. Pre-recorded, because our setup didn't want to go live with us so we made it a recorded show. 45 minutes from scratch is really something and we're considering of making a little release out of some tracks.

Gear Matthias: Elektron Analog Four MKII, Elektron Analog Rytm MKII, Elektron Analog Heat FF

Gear Nicolo: Ableton Live, Elektron Digitakt, Novation Launch Control XL

Watch the video recording of our session below.

The entire weekend was very intense and fun! I will do these kind of music trips again in the future. It opened up my mind for new ways of collaborating, its inspring and brings me also out of my comfort zone, which results in sounds that I would never use on my own. I highly recommend to do the same :D

59 Perlen & Deega
59 Perlen & Deega

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