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Deep House Single "The Worst Thing To Live Without" - Out Now

Artwork "The Worst Thing To Live Without", 59 Perlen's Deep House track

Prepare to embark on another sonic journey as 59 Perlen unveils his latest creation, "The Worst Thing To Live Without." This mesmerizing Deep House song is a testament to 59 Perlen's artistry, known for his storytelling songwriting, texture-rich top-notch production quality. With both a single edit and the original length version, this release promises to captivate electronic dance enthusiasts and House music aficionados alike.

About the Single

"The Worst Thing To Live Without" is a musical odyssey that invites listeners to explore the depths of electronic dance music. This instrumental masterpiece is presented in two distinct versions, allowing you to experience its dark, calming, and energetic moods in unique ways. With intricate layers and impeccable production, 59 Perlen invites you to immerse yourself in his sonic world.

The Deep House Mood

At its core, "The Worst Thing To Live Without" is an emotional rollercoaster. The track opens with the typical 59 Perlen signature sound, an enigmatic and dark atmosphere that draws you in, then gradually transitions into a calming and soothing soundscape with classic dance elements. Electronic dance at its finest.

A Glimpse into the Upcoming Album

This single serves as a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come from 59 Perlen's upcoming album, "Forget about the music," set to be released digitally and on vinyl on January 12, 2024. The album combines storytelling, rich textures and deep house vibes in an immersive musical experience.

Join the live session

On Monday, October 30, you have the chance to meet 59 Perlen for a track breakdown of "The Worst Thing To Live Without"! Hang out with Matthias for DAW or gear talk or just to have fun. The streams kicks off Monday, October 30, 4pm CET.

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