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Dreamy Dawless Synthjam with Squarp Pyramid

OK guys, this is a premiere for me. Weeks ago, I got a new hardware sequencer, the Squarp Pyramid - it's a beast! And during the past weeks, while still performing with the Digitakt, I started to switch my music creation process to the new machine. It is actually a another new world.

Now, this is the very first pattern I made and it feels like I need to restart my complete creation process. While the Digitakt delivers everything in one little box (that's actually what I love about it), the setup with the Squarp is unlikely much more complex and shortly after I understood the concepts, I started to "overdo" stuff which reminded me of working with Ableton: you CAN do so much. Too much. So much that I somehow got a bit lost. So, I must learn once again to focus and that's what I will do with the next track.

This jam is utilizing the Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Digitone, Model:Samples, the Novation Peak and the Roland TB-03. I actually think I wanted to go to the Max with the arrangement and try to use everything at once LOL For the next track, I think I will go back to my basics and play with silence or something :D

Do you like this pattern? Lemme know in ze comments!

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