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A brief introduction to Atlas Castle from Denmark

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Some of you may already know Atlas Castle, as he has accompanied my musical journey since it began in 2019. He's a really special guy to me! My music has evolved significantly over the last few months and this artist has had a major influence on it, so today the spotlight is on Atlas Castle from Denmark!

Guillaume was the one who contacted me via my SoundCloud account back in 2019 - we got talking, he invited me to join #netvio, and from then on we were in constant exchange and gave each other valuable feedback outside of this musician group.

"Garagen" is a milestone for us

"Garagen" now marks a new milestone, as it was Guillaume who asked me to come to Denmark and perform a live music event with him. That was in spring 2020. As we all know, this event never happened, but the spirit is still alive! What I appreciate so much about this musician, and I think many of you guys agree on that, is his positive charisma, his extremely connected mindset and supportive manner.

Here's the latest video "Anaesthesia" from this genius artist featuring Chuck W. from NY and dance performer Bernardo San Rafael.

I have never experienced this with any other artist! It is therefore a special honour for me to be able to work with Atlas Castle on "Garagen". If you don't know this great musician yet, I strongly recommend to have a look at his cool website!

"Garagen" EP will be out in 10 days. Will you counting down with us?

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