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Minimal House Track performed on the Elektron Digitakt

For my latest Saturday Night Dawless Digitakt performance - right before my new Album "When Left Alone" releases - I wanted to try something visually new! Since a few days I have a lot more space in my room as before and can now quickly set up my green screen to perform. Do you think this is good or was the old top view recording better for understanding what I do? Let me know :)

Speaking of the track which I titled "Second Take", I wanted to go a little back to last years "Blackbox Session" style that I like a lot. The pattern uses of a lot of crackle, hiss and other weird noise to model the snares, hats and grooves instead of using realistic samples.

Furthermore, you'll hear a melodic synth arp that plays in a different time signature than the rest of the track. This results in interesting polyrythms. Per Digitakt "Fill" function I programmed a break that I throw in every now and then.

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