Spacey Dub House Jam on Digitakt and Digitone

I watched "Space Night" again the other day after a long time. It's a TV show that was on German TV, you can watch some full episodes on YouTube. Each show presents pictures from the earth, taken from the ISS. Just fascinating, and each episode was accompanied by a great soundtrack.

The music of the last episode "Space Night" inspired me to perform this track, made on Digitakt and Digitone by Elektron. Among other things, you'll hear a sample from NASA - the agency from America has a gigantic fund of sounds on SoundCloud that you can download and use. Highly recommended!

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59 Perlen was born in Gemany and lives nowadays in Zurich, Switzerland. Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast "The Life Of Music".

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