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Ambient House on Digitakt, Model:Samples and Strymon Big Sky

It's time for Big Ambient Moods! The Big Sky reverb from Strymon is a Pedal in a class of it's own. Reverbs are just superb! And I totally looooove reverbs!

In this track, I'm generating a very deep ambience texture with the Model:Samples, which is routed through the Big Sky and then into the Digitakt. The reverb algorithm is "Cloud" with a very small diffusion setting. It gives the whole texture a nice granulation.

I hope you like this little Saturday night Jam :D Let me know in the comments what you think guys!

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59 Perlen
59 Perlen

@jasperfruitema thx a lot ! I never heard of the rooms - need to check it out, big reverb fan here !


Wow, Nice again! I like it when the sample becomes dirty and with all that soft space around. Gives something extra. Jealous because i also thougt of buying a big sky but i went for the Rooms stereo reverberator from Death by Audio, but also very nice :) check it out

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