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Tutorial: How to use Digitakt Midi Loopback (UPDATE: OS 1.30)

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

There are 2 most frequently questions regarding the Digitakt. The first one is about my samples, which I answered in this blogpost. The second one is about the Midi Loopback feature, as it seems to be complicated to setup. But it's not! In this little tutorial, I explain how to setup and use this amazing Digitakt feature step by step. Enjoy!

Update DIgitakt OS 1.30

Since Digitakt OS 1.30, Elektron changed the Midi Loopback behaviour. In this live stream, I give you a brief update about the new implementation and how you can still use this feature.

Digitakt Online Class

In my Digitakt Online Class you can learn about many other Digitakt related production topics! It's a video course focussed on creating tracks with the Digitakt. The class covers LFOs, Arrangement, Performing, FX and many other interesting topics, and I add new lessons frequently.

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