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"Moods", the Elektron performance that made my flat a club

Last night it finally happened! 15 guests came to my performance "Moods" and with their cool mood they turned our apartment into a little private club. I really loved the intimate atmosphere we've created and it will definitely not my last event like this.

The tracks of the performance will be released as an album in early May:

1) Entrance Pattern

2) Desire

3) Jérome

4) Apollo 13

5) Awakening

6) Minds Eye

7) Beach

The set went over 40 minutes. Major roles have been taken by Elektron Digitakt, Digitone and Squarp Pyramid as the main brain behind the gear. I also used the Dreadbox Typhon for arps and the Access virus for leads and chords.

You can watch the entire video now on my Youtube channel or directly above.

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