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DUST - new electronic set out now

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

DUST is my most laborious set so far. You can stream the 1h set now on my YouTube channel.

The tracks have been mostly written or produced during my Wednesday Live Sessions and there are lots of influences in it created by the chat with the community that watched my streams. This makes it feel kinda special to me as lots of decisions and tips came from the guys.


1. Out There 2. Made Of Dust 3. Vertreift - Abendrot (59 Perlen Remix) 4. M.O.D. 5. Surface 6. Ambivalence 7. Mama 8. Encounter 9. 10 Years Gone Pt. 2 (with Atlas Castle)


My setup was rather complex for these tracks! Elektron Digitakt delivers mostly drums, textures and percussion sounds, Digitone is playing melodic parts, while I used the Octatrack for sequencing the Novation Peak and controlling the arrangements with its arranger feature. Beside this core setup, I use the Dreadbox Typhon on 1 track ("Ambivalence"), this track also uses the Strymon Pedals "Night Sky" and "Big Sky" (not visible in the Video).

Track breakdowns

If you want to know more about the music and how I created these tracks, I suggest you watch the corresponding live sessions as I worked on most songs with my community.

Out there

Made Of Dust






Get the sample pack

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