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Atmospheric House Jam on Digitakt and Digitone

Happy weekend guys! I thought it's finally time to upload the pure & fun jam session I had with my Digitakt and Digitone last night. It has been a while I did this and I had a lot of joy with this pattern. Maybe it will make it into my upcoming streaming set DUST which airs Saturday November 6.

Stylistically, my idea was to create a track that goes into a more reduced direction. That's why I only play it on the Elektron Digitakt and Digitone gear, no other hardware is involved.

Do you like the groove? Then I gonna invite to to the premiere of the music video of my upcoming EP "Made Of Dust" - premiering October 30.

Learn how to make your own house music with the Digitakt!

Have a look on my Digitakt Online Class! It's a video course focussed on creating tracks with the Digitakt. It covers LFOs, Arrangement, Performing, Digitakt FX and many other interesting topics!

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