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59 Perlen releases electronic EP "Made Of Dust"

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

59 Perlen releases his brand-new EP "Made Of Dust", including 2 new tracks and 2 remixes by Atlas Castle and Verstreift.

"Made Of Dust" is a foretaste of 59 Perlen's first full length online event. "DUST" will premiere on November 6 and features a total of 10 ambient and house productions, performed completely computerless.

Out There

The first track "Out There" is a great example of 59 Perlen's love for ambient textures and slow music.

Made Of Dust - Atlas Castle Remix

The second track is a remix by Atlas Castle, a loyal companion of 59 Perlen since the birth of his project. Just recently, the two were able to prove their wonderful form of collaboration once again with the song "10 Years Gone Pt. 2".

Made Of Dust - Verstreift Remix

The second remix comes from the German progressive house duo Verstreift. Julian Wilhelm and Nico Bakerman celebrated their debut single "Abendrot" in August, which 59 Perlen also remixed in return. Their very danceable version of "Made Of Dust" pushes the originally very calm original mix directly onto the dancefloor.

Made Of Dust

The lead track "Made Of Dust" was recorded entirely on an Elektron setup, consisting of Digitakt, Digitone and Octatrack. After recording each track the song was mixed in Ableton, mastering was contributed by Plätlin Mastering.

For the release of the new EP, 59 Perlen produced an original music video together with performance artist Bernardo San Rafael. The two have been working together on and off for a long time in various performances.

The theme of "dust" plays the leading role in the story of the video, which Bernardo San Rafael underlines through his expressive performance. The protagonist of the clip realizes that at the end of life he too consists only of dust and tries to run away from this reality.

The video "Made Of Dust" will be released on October 30, 2021 on the YouTube channel of 59 Perlen.

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