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'Mosquito' - Ambient Dubtechno /w Perfourmer

In this weeks jam I wanted to continue to work on the combination of the Perfourmer and the Ableton environment. The track is titled 'Mosquito' because it intros with LFO grains and a tape modulation that reminded me of the sound of passing mosquitos or a fly.

The track marks also the end of development for my upcoming liveset in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a enough new material and my next task is to merge and rehearse what I have.

Honestly, I've no clue how to sort this music into a genre. Is it dub techno? Or melodic house? Ambient techno? Maybe you can tell me. Meanwhile, you can download the track on my Bandcamp and also on my Website (free or pay what you want).

What you think about the track? Here's the beautiful artwork btw:

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