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New Jam with my new synth, the Vermona PerFourMer MKII

This was a fun jam, completely performed on the Vermona PerFourMer Analog Synthesizer. In case you don’t know the PerFourMer, it’s an analog machine that gives you 4 identical synthesizer strips that you can play in parallel or in different alternations. There’s no menu, each parameter has a knob which makes it super fun to play coz you get what you see, and each strip can have an inserted effect pedal (to name a few of its features).

I wrote the chord progression beforehand in Ableton and imported the 4 MIDI loops, 1 for each strip, into a Pyramid project (as the project is controlled by it).

I added 3 pedals to the strips which you can’t see in the video: the main lead is pimped with the Big Sky from Strymon, the pad lead is doubled with a delay effect and there is a second instance of the lead sound which is washed out by another reverb pedal. The bass pad is effect free.

I'm still learning to perform this beast and I made some mistakes but I hope still you gonna like it ;D

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