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New track released on "Minimal City Vol. II"

I'm excited to tell you that my latest track "Nothing But Moves" is included on the brandnew compilation "Minimal City Vol. II", out now on Petite Victory Collective. The track was

originally performed during a little live set earlier this year and refined and polished for the compilation.

For those following the label since the very beginning, you know that sustainability and eco-friendly are some of the keywords of the collective. It acts towards ecological concerns through music compilations and diverse events supporting ecological initiatives. Engaging the music community to take action for the environnement is definitely on the to do list. Mostly because there’s no planet B! We are trying to use these challenging times to develop our creativity while pushing boundaries.

We're super proud of the team effort on this compilation toward a greener world. From minimal house, ambient, surrealist, DAWless and electronic music, there’s definitely gems for all of you music lovers out there.

All proceeds from the sales of "Minimal City Vol. II" will be funneled directly to BUY FOOD WITH PLASTIC. An organisation built entirely on voluntary contributions, with a core team working hard to coordinate events worldwide that unite people and provide solutions to urgent local problems, such as environmental pollution, hunger, lack of education and poverty.

Get the compilation here its available as a digital and physical release.

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