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Sample Pack for Digitakt and Polyend Tracker: "Exploration: Walk" (+ Demo)

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Today, I uploaded a brand-new sample collection to my store and as a free download for all members of my site! "Exploration: Walk" takes you for a walk on a sunny winter day! Experience the diverse sounds and textures that I recorded on my way into the surrounding nature.

You get 116 One-Shot samples in total, including 44 stretched versions that make fantastic atmosphere and background sounds!

Textures (28 One-Shots)

Low Perc (25 One-Shots)

High Perc (17 One-Shots)

Noises (2 One-Shots)

Stretched (44 One-Shots)

Watch a Polyend Tracker Demo

The samples can be used with all samplers like Digitakt, Polyend Tracker or within every popular DAW. Listen the Demo in the gallery!

Download Samplepack

You can get this pack in my store or, when you purchased one of the memberships, (single 1:1 sessions are excluded) you can download it right here (after login).

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